Sinupas by Pascoe


Sinupas is a homeopathic treatment for sinus congestion and inflammation. SINUPAS™ is antiphlogistic and stimulates secretion in sinusitis acute & chronic, sinubronchitis and pharyngitis.

Medicinal Ingredients

100g (107ml) Contains:
Luffa operculata Dil. D4 – 10.0g
Antimonium sulfuraturm aurantiacum Dil. D8 – 10.0g
Euphorbium ˜ – 0.1g
Kreosotum Dil. D3 – 0.1g

Contains 48% vol. alcohol.

Suggested Usage:
Acute cases:
Adults: 10 drops every hour;

Children aged 6-12: 5-8 drops every hour ;

Infants and children under 6 years of age: 3-5 drops every hour.

Maximum 12 times daily, to be taken in a little water.

Chronic cases:
The above recommended dosage 3 times a day.

Consult health care practitioner before use if pregnant or breastfeeding.