Quassia Similiaplex by Pascoe


The medical ingredients in Quassia Similiaplex support the liver as well as the pancreas and digestive tract for proper detoxification and elimination.

Medicinal ingredients

100g (108ml) Contains:
Quassia amara ˜ – 15g
Carduus marianus ˜ – 15g
Taraxacum Dil. D3 – 15g
Juglans cinerea Dil. D3 – 10g
Leptandra Dil. D3 – 15g
Myrica cerifera Dil. D3 – 10g
Dolichos pruriens Dil. D3 – 10g
Vipera berus Dil. D8 – 10g

Contains 55% vol. Alcohol.

Suggested Usage:
Adults: 10-20 drops 1-3 times daily;

Children (ages 9-12) 5-10 drops 1-3 times daily;

Children (ages 2-9) 3-5 drops 1-3 times daily.

The drops should be taken diluted in some water.

Consult health care practitioner before use during pregnancy and breastfeeding.