Aller Balance by Viatrexx


Aller Balance by Viatrexx is a homeopathic remedy that:

  • Encourages a healthy terrain and rebalanced immune system
  • Up regulates TH1 to balance with TH2
  • Enhances the immune system


  • Acetylcholine chloride 15X, 200K Mental clarity
  • Adrenal gland 200K Adrenal Support
  • Adrenaline 30K Adrenal support
  • Allium Cepa 200K Drainage
  • Ammonium carb 200K Drainage
  • Apis 200K Inflammation
  • Arsenic Album 200K Constitution support
  • Histamine 15X, 200K IG support
  • Interferon gamma 9X, 200K Immune support
  • IL-12 10X, 200K Immune support
  • Luffa operculata 30K Reactional support
  • Lungs 200K Respiratory support
  • Manganese 4X Oligo support
  • Mucosa 200K Respiratory support
  • Natrium Muraticum 200K Constitutional
  • Peyer’s Patches 30K Immune support
  • Sabadilla 200K Symptom relief
  • Serotonin 15X, 200K Neurological support
  • Thymus 200K Immune support

20% Alcohol