Zincum Similiaplex by Pascoe


Zincum Similiaplex is a homeopathic remedy that treats autonomic syndrome, constitutional agent in neuropathic-psychopathic children and women, organ neuroses, neuroasthenia. Nervous hypersensitivity, irritability, impatience and irritable weakness.

Medicinal Ingredients

10g (11ml) Contains:
Zincum valerianicum Dil. D4 – 1.25g
Ignatia Dil. D4 – 1.25g
Kalium phosphoricum Dil. D4 – 1.25g
Conium Dil. D4 – 1.25g
Cocculus Dil. D4 – 1.25g
Belladonna Dil. D4 – 1.25g
Acidum picrinicum Dil. D4 – 1.25g
Chamomilla Dil. D2 – 1.25g

Contains 61% vol. alcohol.

Suggested Usage:
2-3 times daily, 8-10 drops in 1 teaspoon of water.