Personalized Medicine is Here

Discover your specific:

  • ideal diet,
  • metabolism/tendency to weight gain/loss
  • body’s stress response
  • neurotransmitter levels
  • tendency to inflammation
  • and ability to detox

Here’s a sample report for your reference.

Getting started is as easy as 1-2-3.

  1. Use this link to obtain DNA kit from 23andme (choose the DNA & Traits option, currently on sale for $99, regular price is $129). The link will save you an additional 10%.
  2. Email your data to me for analysis. Cost is $399*
  3. Schedule a followup consultation with me to discuss results and personalized recommendations.

Follow the recommendations and enjoy better physical and mental health and well-being!

*Limited time offer – save an additional $50  for any report that is ordered before Dec 31, 2022

Tasleem Kassam