12 Tips To Enjoy The Holidays

enjoy winter


    1. Breathe.

      Focus on taking deep and relaxing breaths all day. Feeling rushed – take a minute or two to breathe deeply and then set about your day.

    2. Simplify.

      Just because you did it last year (and the year before and the year before), it doesn’t mean you have to still do it. Let go of the things that do not bring you joy.

    3. Slow down.

      The pressure is on this time of year, honor yourself and trust that the world won’t end if you ease the pressure.

    4. Take time out.

      Practice just being, whether alone or with your family.

    5. Have funEmbrace your inner child – be silly, let go, and have some fun. You’ll be surprised how good it feels.
    6. Move

      There are so many reasons to exercise. It helps to relieve stress, up your metabolism and energy, and increase your feelings of self worth. Whether is it is a simple walk, a favourite yoga class, or dancing in the living room. Feel like you have too much to do? Get moving – it will give you the perspective you need to get through it all.

    7. Read

      Who doesn’t love a good (e)book? We are all storytellers and listeners at heart.

    8. Be Generous.

      Exercise compassion. Practice patience and kindness. Be purposeful and intentional.

    9. Practice gratitude.

      Remember to express gratitude for everything in life. Practice gratitude throughout the day.

    10. Water.

      Drink a glass or two. Make your favourite tea. Have a relaxing shower or bath.

    11. Eat well.

      Eating balanced meals will help you from overindulging in sugary treats/alcohol, and give you the energy and the mental stamina needed for the extra holiday festivities & activities. Do it all, in moderation, of course.

    12. Connect

      Share thoughts and ideas with each other. Reflect on the events of the year and the goals for the future.  Watch a movie together or better yet, play a game.



Tasleem Kassam